February 12, 2018

February 12, 2018

Dear Second Grade Parents,


This week in Bible Class we will be studying where babies come from and how special God made each one of us for Life Education Week.  There is a Life Education assignment attached to this Parent letter. It is due this Thursday. On Thursday we will be reading and sharing baby pictures. Students may also bring in one or two baby pictures to share with the class.
Wednesday is the Valentine’s Day party.  Students will be exchanging Valentine cards and playing games on that day.  We have already decorated sacks here at school to put our cards in.  Thank you to parents who have already signed up to bring in treats.  We will have plenty of goodies to eat.

The party will be at the end of the day from 1:50 to 2:45.

This week is also Parent Teacher Conferences.  Conferences start tomorrow.  On the back is the schedule of conferences. Please call the school office as soon as possible or send the signup sheet back with your child with a time you would be available to come if you need to make a change.

March 9th is the ILS Dinner and auction.  Please note that this date has been changed from the original date of March 2. This is a fund raiser to help purchase extra books and supplies for the school.  Each class is to put together a basket that can be auctioned off at the dinner. The Second Grade’s basket is a Family night theme. The basket will be filled with things that families do together.  It could be a family night at home watching a movie, playing a game, eating popcorn, candy, etc., or it could be a gift certificate to a local theater or restaurant.  If you would like to donate items for the basket, please bring them into the classroom on or before Mar. 2.

Next Monday there will be no school for President’s day.  To celebrate Presidents’ Day in Social Studies we have been studying George Washington and the Revolutionary War.  Next week we will be studying Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War.

Since it is a short week with two half days, and very busy, there will be no Memory or Spelling this week.


Mrs. Wallschlaeger


Here is a list of student names for addressing Valentine cards.

Robbie, Hayden, Matthew, Sydney, Jaylynn, Andrew J., Andrew K., Leciana, Joseph, Isaac, Alyssa, Martelle, Lindsey, Carsten, and Rae Anna.





Life Week Celebration assignment.

Please help your child answer the questions below and bring in on Thursday. Your child may bring a baby picture or two, but it is not required. Please no photo albums.

My name is  ________________________.
(Print full name)
I was born on   __________________.


I was born at   _______________ on   ______________________.

(Time of Day)                   (Day of the week)

I weighed __________________ and I was _____________inches long.

My first words were _____________________.


When I was small I:     (Tell something that you did that was funny or silly when you were a small child.)